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The Excitement that was Christmas!!!

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Falcon Heights hotel Nanyuki fountain

It was interesting to watch “Christmas” on people’s faces especially when the questions on Christmas start coming…

“Christmas is coming! What are you doing for Christmas? Where are you going for Christmas? What are your plans for Christmas this year? Are you travelling this Christmas?”...and the same question goes on in different variations.

(Note: From observation when one says Christmas in Kenya, it covers from the 23rd December to the 2nd of January)

The answers usually started with a smile on the person’s face and a beautiful sigh of expectation of the holiday to come before the question sets in …

I'd like to focus on that smile and the beautiful sigh, for it's such a show of hope of the good times or relaxation that they were looking forward to during the holidays.

For me it reminded me the reason for Christmas - the birth of Jesus - the source of all hope, peace, joy and abundance. What a gift of love He was and through Him I am always loved and accepted. And so are all who choose to believe in Him.

So knowing this hope at Falcon Heights Hotel, we put our Christmas season thinking hats on and chose to create and delivered the kind of Christmas that gave our guests good times and the much needed relaxation. In 2015 our theme was “Have family fun with some much needed relaxation!” We appreciate each of our cherished guests who showed up and celebrated Christmas with us and we give all Glory to God for them.


The one thing consistent and beautiful every Christmas is that the world over is reminded of Jesus Christ and we take time to acknowledge His birth on the same day every year!!

On the other hand, there is no experience of Christmas season that is ever exactly the same. A lot of it has to do with the people in our lives during the season. We may be with family, or we may be with friends, or we may be with strangers. In every relationship you interacted or experience you had, you chose to focus on the memories full of good cheer and well wishes you shared with each other and let go of the rest.

I have also seen that Christmas season inspires people to offer support and spread cheer to those near and around who seem not have a reason to celebrate. Your choosing to show up and be present for a time with them is a gift you could give them. And if far away, let them know you care (we’re digital you know… lots of choices to communicate). How wonderful it would be if people were to keep this Christmas inspiration throughout the year!

A New Year for most brings an opportunity for a new leaf to be turned; a new dream to be inspired and lived. It’s an opportunity to write a new script and my prayer for you in the coming season is…

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