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Weddings @ Falcon Heights Hotel

“No one should negotiate their dreams, Dreams must be free to fly higher”

A Falcon Heights Principle

A wedding, a reception, a honeymoon…your dream can become a reality. Nothing can compare with having your honeymoon or wedding at Falcon Heights Hotel a private boutique hotel. It offers the exclusivity, privacy and the independence of planning your wedding to your specifications as well as the chance of experiencing firsthand the beauty and the culture of Nanyuki, the town near Mt Kenya. Whatever the style or theme of your big day (chic, traditional, romantic, magical or intimate) you will find the ideal setting, the excellence and magic at Falcon Heights Hotel. Our Falcon team will ensure the day is a great success: their savoir-faire will guide the organization of your wedding reception down to the last detail, help in choosing the menu, advice on the choice of music, manage the table layout, and decorate your chosen location. This combined with personalized, impeccable, ‘5 star’ quality service at an affordable rate makes it the ULTIMATE destination for your wedding. Just imagine a niche, intimate wedding of between 100 -200 guests who are your loved ones and close friends ...On the landscapes of Mt Kenya, with a reception on a lush garden, a first dance on the scenic pool deck as the gardens light up magically in the sunset…. What more? A Luxurious and elegantly designed room just for you at the end of a day filled with love.

 The Wedding Packages

The Golden Reception @ Ksh.1550

Mixed lettuce salad

Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto

Grilled Vegetables with olive oil and


Minted cucumber

Variety of Home-made dressings


Light cream of carrot and orange

soup with a cheese roll



Succulent Pork Chops


Irish stew

Traditional Beef stew with Carrot

and Peas

Chicken cooked in coconut, tomatoes

and coriander

Poached fish in a white wine sauce

Oven roast potatoes

Saffron rice

Penne pasta in a creamy mushroom


Medley of vegetables



Rich chocolate Nut cake

Pineapple upside down

Carved fruits platter

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The Silver Reception @ Ksh.1350

Tomato, mozzarella and pesto

Green leaf salad

Mombasa slaw

Grilled vegetables in olive and


An array of Home-made dressings


Veloute of Roast plum Tomatoes

and Basil, herb crouton




Roast leg of Timau lamb with

minted gravy



Kuku wa kupaka(Chicken cooked in

coconut milk, tomato and dhania)

Beef goulash

Pan seared Indian Ocean snapper

with a lemon butter sauce

Lyonnaise potatoes

Raisins rice

Creamed spinach

Glazed Vichy carrots

Pea and potato curry


Lemon mousse cheese cake

Banana fritters with cinnamon

Carved fruit platter

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The Bronze Reception @ Ksh.1250

Green leaf salad

Coleslaw salad

Penne pasta with ham

A choice of Home-made dressings


Mildly spiced cream of butternut

squash soup



Marinated Timau lamb chops and

cutlets, ‘Kachumbari’



Thai chicken curry

Baked lake fish muesselline

Maxim potatoes

Panache of garden vegetables

Turmeric rice


Lentil curry



Fruit tartlets

Chocolate Torte

Carved melons

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Things to do

Falcon Heights Hotel is situated within the bustling market town of Nanyuki. Nanyuki is the crossroads to many of East Africa’s most beautiful and wild areas, sitting as it does in the heart of the country right under Mount Kenya and on the equator.

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